Viacopter & Sulzer Schmid - Silver 45

About Viacopter

Viacopter does development and manufacturing of advanced UAS systems for aerial photography, orthophoto, photogrammetry and aerial video shoots.

  • Viacopter does consultant services for media companies looking into aerial photography.
  • Viacopter does advanced inspection services using multirotor helicopters.
  • Viacopter does hardware producer and product manager for the AutoQuad system.

Visit Viacopter's website here

About Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories Inc. 

Sulzer & Schmid Labs is a systems integrator for next generation industrial aerial inspection technology. We develop software for mission planning, navigation control and data management. Our solutions generate reproducible imagery and sensory data that are suitable for post-processing, database repository inclusion and automated detection of defects or anomalies. The entire inspection workflow can be incorporated into ISO certified systems. Our application focus is currently on the inspection of windmills, fences and storage tanks.



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