Drone demo to suit all tastes

Drone demo to suit all tastes at the first day of Nordic UAS Event 2016

It takes a whole lot of UAS demonstrators, entrepreneurs, experts and speakers, not to mention enthusiastic guests to form a demonstration day like Nordic Drone Games. On 1 June 2016 Nordic UAS Event had arranged a special demo day in Hans Christian Andersen Airport, which attracted more than 400 visitors.

Just like previous years, Nordic UAS Event was kicked off with a special demonstration day in Hans Christian Andersen Airport. However, as this year’s event had grown in size so had the demo day. This was primarily thanks to the close cooperation with The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA as co-organizers. Furthermore, the day was made great with the help of some of the biggest players on the European UAS market, exciting speakers, a UAS case competition and Drone racers.

Fixed wings and multi rotors in the air

10 International and Nordic manufacturers provided the audience with demonstrations of unmanned aircrafts from the entire commercial drone spectrum. Fixed wings, which are suitable for inspections over larger distances and multi rotor UAV’s for work where hovering is required were all part of the demonstrations.

French Delair-Tech flew their fixed wing along the runway and spoke of their experiences with test flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). The multi rotors were represented by Italian ItalDron and German Aibotix with their Aibot X6. However, one of the more curious UAV’s to be presented came from Norwegian manufacturer Kitemill, who has developed a drone for harnessing sustainable energy from wind currents sending it down to earth by an attached cable.

The demonstrations were concluded by Danish based Geo Forum who overflew the recently established Verification Facilities of the airport where the Nordic Drone Games Competitions took place.

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Nordic Drone Games & FPV Racing

UAS Sport fired up the Nordic Drone Games with their FPV Racing

The UAS Test Center Denmark verification facilities had a pivotal role to play at the other end of the airport, as 2 competitions took place there throughout the day.

The tempo was high when UAS Sport fired up under their FPV racers. FPV, which is short for First Person View is the number 1 drone sport at the moment. It involves submersing the pilots into their own world behind digital goggles, where the see everything from the drone’s point of view.

At breathtaking speeds, the tiny drones went round the race track in under 10 seconds per lap, demanding the audience to pay good attention but rewarded them with crashes and adrenaline pumped stunts during the heats.

The other competition was of a much more technical nature. Geo Forum had arranged a university competition putting a travel scholarship worth DKK 2,000 (€ 270) up for grabs. The winners from SDU UAS Center competed in categories which focused on object recognition and transportation.

Head start of Conference, entrepreneurship and a tank full of sharks

The Shark Tank at Nordic UAS Event 2016

Fittingly enough, the first day of Nordic UAS Event was a day of entrepreneurship, as several presentations were about establishing one’s own drone venture. This was elegantly demonstrated by the presence of three young entrepreneurs who had won the Danish Society of Engineers Science Cup Competition who presented their idea of a fixed-wing UAV capable of transporting defibrillators to people suffering heart attacks. They went on to participate in the Sky-Watch Shark Tank competition about a € 1,000 investment in their idea among other great UAS ideas.

The winner of the price and the chance of getting the proper help and advice from professionals within the industry was won by Jesper Andersen. His idea revolved around an intelligent radar solution that could benefit the industry in the coming years.

The expert jury consisted of 4 drone specialists, including the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Henrik Bennetsen from Otherlab. Bennetsen also gave a presentation about his views on the emerging industry and answered questions from an almost full auditorium. He was later followed by a photo presentation from Rasmus Degnbol who has documented some of the large migrations of people in Europe.

So even though the conference program took place during the exhibition in Odense Congress Center, the visitors in the airport were able to get a head start on insights about the UAS industry as an appetizer of how the coming two days were going to be in Odense Congress Center.  

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