Rune Yding Brogaard - FORCE Technology

System Developer Rune Yding Brogaard from FORCE Technology is speaking at Nordic UAS Event 2016.

Yding Brogaard's presentation will revolve around droneinspection in the energy sector.

When is the presentation?

The presentation will take place June 3 from 11:00 am to 11:30 am at speakers corner 1 - track 2.

Esben Oland - Programme June 2     Esben Oland - programme June 3

Focus of your presentation?

Yding Brogaard's presentation will introduce:

  • Examples of cost-effective use of drones for inspections
  • Advantages of using inspection-drones
  • Future perspectives of drone inspection

What will the audience take home?

"The participants will get insight into the current and future use of drones for offshore and onshore inspection purposes. The primary focus will be on drones in the energy sector, covering oil and gas rigs, refineries, power plants and wind turbines. The presentation will also cover confined space (indoor) operations."


Rune Y. Brogaard started the drone inspection service at FORCE Technology in 2012. Beside starting the new inspection service, Rune has also personally carried out many of the on-site drone inspections on oilrigs, power plants and refineries. He is now running the drone inspection program with operations and pilots in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Rune graduated from the Technical University of Denmark in 2012 with a Master degree in Electrical Engineering. 

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