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It is possible to fly to two different airports in Denmark. One is Billund Airport and the other is Kastrup - near Copenhagen.

Getting to Odense via Billund Airport?

From Billund it is approximately one hour and thirty minute drive to Odense. The best way to travel would be by car. It is possible to rent a car from the airport.

Please find more information about Billund Airport here

Getting to Odense via Kastrup Airport

Another possibility would be to fly to Kastrup airport (located near Copenhagen), which is a two hour drive to Odense city. There are also direct trains from the airport to the central station in Odense. Just outside the arrival area at the airport you can purchase a train ticket to Odense. The price for the train is approx. € 45.

This can also be done online at

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Stay a little bit Longer

There are many thing to do in the city of Odense.

For more information about all the wonderfull things Odense has to offer - please visit the Odense tourist information website.

Booking a Hotel?

The City of Odense offers various possibilities from low cost hotels to four-star comfort. Together with RoboBusiness Europe we offer special prices for 8 selected hotels. Click Here to learn more about booking your hotel.

Shuttle Busses

Visitors can take a shuttle bus to the HCA Airport from the exhibition hall. This will take about 30 minutes. Timetable will be available later.

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